First Seal of Repulsion

The First Seal was broken and the servants of the Dark Soul were unleashed. A wave of terror passed through the Solar System. Some Brotherhood Seers went mad. Froth foamed from their lips. They plucked out their eyes in terror at the visions they were granted. Some became Heretics, prophets of the Darkness, who spoke out against the Blessed Brotherhood. For a full year the population of the civilized worlds were troubled by nightmares, then the nightmares became reality.

The Dark Legion descended on the worlds of mankind like a scythe, bringing destruction, despair and corruption in its wake. Across the inhabited worlds, huge citadels sprang up almost overnight. Despite their military might, the corporations were unprepared to do battle with this new and mighty foe. Huge tracts of Mars, Venus and Mercury fell to the hands of the hideous invaders.

Monstrous armies marched across the worlds. The most stubborn human resistance barely slowed them down. City after city, fortress after fortress, fell to the powers of the Great Darkness. Only Luna, home of the Cardinal and site of the first and greatest Cathedrals, was spared.

Slowly, the names of the Dark Legion's leaders became known. Slowly, humanity became aware of the Dark Apostles - Illian, Mistress of the Void and Weaver of the Dark Patterns; Muawijhe, the Apostle of Madness and Lord of Visions; Semai, Lord of Spite and Prince of Lies; Algeroth, the Lord of Dark Technology and Apostle of War; and finally, Demnogonis, the Befouler, the APostle of Corruption and Lord of all that is unclean.

To understand the nature of the Dark Apostles you must understand the Dark Symmetry itself. The Symmetry is a mystical pattern of purest evil which flows everywhere and links everything. The Apostles are integral parts of this pattern. Each is part of it and each controls it. you may say that each Apostle is its part of the whole, a sentient part of the entire structure capable of manifesting in physical form.

Arrival of the Apostles

Now came the time of dread. On Venus, mighty Algeroth, Apostle of War, Lord of the Dark Technology made his appearance and nothing could stand against him. Here was humanity's ultimate foe. His armies outnumbered those of any corporation. Their weapons were strange and terrible.

From the necrochambers and distortion chambers of his Citadels marched a seemingly unending horde. Grinning Necromutants led swarms of fly-encrusted Undead Legionnaires across the battlefields. Mighty Ezoghouls galloped into the massed ranks of the corporate armies. Stone fleshed Razides blasted away with their enormous weapons. With ALgeroth in command, the armies of the Darkness seemed all but invincible. He strode through the carnage, his body sprouting weapons. All who opposed him died. He was unstoppable, merciless, a cunning general, the greatest foe of humanity had ever faced. Armed with the Dark Technology created by the evil genius of his Tekrons, Algeroth's Kohorts soon proved near-invincible.

The factories of his Citadels spewed forth the weapons of the Dark Legion. His Dark Technology provided the weapons. His forced were the most numerous. The mere rumor of his presence was enough to make armies flee screaming from the field. His was the most dreaded name of all the Dark Legion Apostles. To him, victory seemed certain. His appearance was to prove humanity's darkest hour.