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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tales from the Warzone is MOVING!

While we have been online with Blogger since our inception, we have enjoyed providing you with everything Mutant Chronicles and Warzone. We're now moving to a more dedicated website, where we will continue to provide you with the above mentioned, as well as additional content and a more dedicated Universe Under Siege section, complete with current and back issues of the new digital magazine, complete with resources for the Mutant Chronicles CMG, as well as articles from sources like the Cartel Tactical Centre, exclusive content made available only via TFTW and much more.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

MC CMG: Capitolizing / Capitol Strategy Guide

I watched as he guided his craft through the hail of bullets and debris, not taking a spit of damage. It was an amazing event to see. He even had time to pick up a pinned down Ranger on the way. They proceeded to press deeper into enemy territory. I lost sight of the scout when it vanished over the horizon. I heard an explosion and the cries of pain. I never found out if the scout had survived, but I walked away that day with one thing on my mind: "That was cool!" — a citizen's account of witnessing the Great Grey Scout in battle

How many times have you heard the phrase, There's no "I" in "team" or, The whole is greater than the sum of its parts? These statements stress the importance of working together, and not relying on one individual to achieve everything for you. Growing up, you probably didn't enjoy hearing this: when watching Batman take down baddies and Superman saving the world over and over, teamwork was working alone. But now that you've grown up and looked back on this lesson, you can see why this was said to you: preparing you for playing Capitol in Mutant Chronicles!

In many miniature games previous to Mutant Chronicles, your reliance on one powerhouse character was probably a sound strategy. When playing Capitol, this simply cannot be. (Sorry!) Not only will you stop relying on a single miniature to lead your Capitol army to victory, you'll also have to concentrate on the "whole picture" if you wish to succeed.

So, when playing Capitol, you may ask, "How do I win?" Suggestions aside, here are the basic strategies to keep in mind:

We > Me

When playing Capitol in Mutant Chronicles, you must rely on group tactics rather than having one brave fighter go it alone. The synergistic qualities that make up the Capitol is impressive to say the least. The adjacent abilities for the Ranger fighters are a clear representation of what their teamwork is capable of. Having the ability to give adjacent Rangers two additional light-range dice, or giving your Rangers two additional spaces to their base movement makes for an interesting combination when ironing out your strategy.

Another unit that lends a hand to the Capitol is the Great Grey Scout. With its speed of 6, this fighter has room for two, allowing an adjacent fighter to be transported with them and dropped adjacently at the end of his movement. Doing this will turn your units into a quick assault force, allowing you to swiftly claim territory much earlier than your adversary could ever dream.

From a Distance

Things always look different from a distance, but to a Capitol army it all looks the same. Their soldiers have a skillful eye when it comes to ranged combat as their weapons prove dangerous from unheard of distances. As long as you position your fighters in clear lines of sight, your Capitol fighters will be able to pick enemies off with ease.

Also, putting some of your units on guard can create a bit of a stalemate with you and your opponent. Having the long-range, mobile units around a Capitol guard action is easier said than done. This type of setup can be good if you wish to create a buffer between you and your opponent's forces. Also, with units that have Dodge, keeping them at a good distance will make it difficult to land a hit on one of these nimble fighters. Combining the range of the Capitol soldiers with the Dodge ability will create a cantankerous enemy as you throw them off of their game, and in their distraction of anger, allow you to crush them!

The More the Merrier

As I said before, playing Capitol works best when played as a group rather than taking on an entire squad with one of your soldiers. Performing a combined attack with Capitol units is not only effective, but it could be necessary if you plan on one-shotting a unit during your turn.

Capitol fighters do have great range when attacking opponents, but it's their lack of damage that can make one leery when hoping to inflict wounds on their enemy. A combined attack is the perfect answer to this dismay. Sure, the unit involved in the combined attack will not be able to function until the next round, but increasing your odds of sure-fire destruction to your enemy make it a necessary risk.

Leaps and bounds

The mobility of Capitol units is something you always must keep in mind when you're bringing them to the forefront. Many times has a Capitol force crumbled due to inadequacy of exploiting the mobile superiority of their units. Using the Banshee units, walls no longer impede your movement and capturing Victory Zones becomes a fast reality. As for the KA-67 units, not only can they zip around the destroyed grounds, but their speed proves for steadfast assaults and coordinated rushes to overwhelm the enemy with a shattering pace.

As for the movement of the other Capitol fighters: cover, cover, cover! This is immensely important if you want to see your soldiers succeed in combat. Due to the lack of armor and low amount of health points, it's imperative to keep these soldiers in the safety of cover and in the company of walls. Of course you don't want your troops to be cowards, but this simple preventative measure will prolong the lifespan of your Capitol troops for a surprising number of rounds.

Final thoughts

All in all, there are many things to keep in mind when playing Capitol. Yes, keeping all these thoughts in mind during a single turn could give you a headache, but practice makes perfect. The more well-versed you are in your ways as a Capitol commander, the clearer you'll see things when fighting an opponent. Just be sure you remember these four key strategies as they will bring your troops to a brilliant result: Victory!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Chronicles: Bane of the Dark!

The following information was retrieved from a classified document, transmitted by an undercover agent to the top-ranking commanders of the Capitol War Machine. The content disseminated herein is considered confidential.

In my last transmission, I detailed the difficulties Algeroth's forces were having with the Capitol Rangers, and offered some suggestions as to how those rangers could stay one step ahead of Alakhai's cunning and evolving tactics. Since that report, Alakhai has grown more and more appreciative of my alien (to him) mind and its understanding of the ways in which humans fight, and he has asked me to review the entirety of the Citadel's intelligence on their human foe.

While the Capitol Rangers have indeed been a nuisance, a thorn in Alakhai's side, the real bane of the Dark Legion, it turns out, are the Brotherhood. Is it heresy to suggest we have something in common?

Perhaps I should amend that. I understand as well as the next citizen that the Brotherhood are mankind's greatest hope, our single brightest flame against the dark. At the same time, their ways are strict, their laws severe, and their punishments swift and unforgiving. And they are just as likely to turn their judgment upon the so-called "unclean" souls of their fellow human beings as they are upon the demoniac souls of the Dark Legion. I sometimes wonder if the Brotherhood are our salvation from the darkness, or if the hordes of the Dark Legion are a balm against the blinding light of the Brotherhood's uncompromising faith.

With the rise of the Dark Legion, the Brotherhood has made every effort to unite the megacorporations of the Solar System against the invaders. Their insistence upon such cooperation, sometimes with a rod of iron, goes against many of the beliefs that make the Capitol megacorporation what it is. We are a free people, and we will not serve an outside master. This has led to a number of unpleasant and violent exchanges with the Inquisitors and Mortificators of the Brotherhood. Because of these confrontations, we (I was trained for the team as an alternate, and would not be here today had I joined the mission) put together a covert ops team that was designed specifically with the intent of infiltrating the Brotherhood, and reporting back any vital information that could be of use in our inevitable future confrontations with our "brothers" of the faith. Every last member of this team was sniffed out and executed within the first week of the mission, and the idea of infiltrating the Brotherhood was deemed a bad one. Their ways, it would appear, would remain mysterious, forever.

You can imagine my surprise when I found, among Alakhai's intelligence reports, an extensive file detailing a number of the Brotherhood's secrets. Most interesting, to me, was the amount of information on one of the Brotherhood's most powerful leaders, a man who has constantly remained an enigma to the rest of humanity, Archinquisitor Salvatore Nikodemus.

Nikodemus was born the youngest son of a common Bauhaus family. Showing signs of talent in The Art, his family turned him over to The Brotherhood for training and discipline. Nikodemus rose rapidly through their ranks, displaying both efficiency and virtuosic skill with the mystic powers of The Art, proving himself time and again on the battlefield. His most shining moment came when the Dark Legion attacked the Venusian city of Kanark, and Nikodemus lead 96 Brotherhood warriors against a horde of more than 2000 undead legionnaires and 500 necromutants. This victory cemented the Archinquisitor's legendary status for all of time, and he now exists as something of a demi-god among men.

For years, the sudden appearance of Archinquisitor Nikodemus among the people of the Capitol megacorporation has meant that one of us was about to be put to the question, and judged before the light of the Archinquisitor's faith. We did not know when, or how he appeared, but Alakhai's files make it clear that it is by a rare channeling of the powers of The Art that Nikodemus is able to teleport himself across the gulfs of space. With the force of a mighty proclamation, Nikodemus can bring any enemy to his knees, and the holy powers of his Book of Law can bring the Hammer of Judgement down upon that enemy's head. In all recorded instances, this Hammer has never missed its target; its aim is pure, almost as if guided by the hand of God. Some would say that the warriors who fight in the name of the Brotherhood have an abnormal amount of luck, I believe it is something more, something approaching the realm of divine intervention. Alakhai's reports, while skirting around the issue of a "real" divine presence, support this conjecture.

I am sending Alakhai's complete file on the vital data of Archinquisitor Salvatore Nikodemus, in the hopes that the next time he intimidates the citizens of the Capitol megacorporation with his presence, we are ready to meet him and make it known, with force if necessary, that we can govern ourselves without his interference. I will continue to scour the intelligence of the Citadel, and transmit when and what I can. Until then, I remain your faithful informer, Agent Rose.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Reaver's Retreat: My Return, Painted Models and More!

...My people. Sons and daughters of Helghan...

New Cartel logo. Love it? good.

...That's not the one I use here. Anyway, I am resurfacing as of now and, with this tiding comes a slew of my latest work that also happens to be my largely finally finished wave 1 Kickstarter Pledge Bauhaus force. I don't just say "Bauhaus" on purpose because half these models can't be bought anymore, and with good reason as you'll see given the posing disaster some of them were. Fortunately this isn't my first rodeo so I coped pretty well in my opinion, but Ill let you judge both that and my abysmal painting.

First up was my Punisher-themed Max Steiner. He was the first model I got my hands on and quite simply he had to get done. I generally like how he came out after some cleanup and revision, might even say he's the best of the bunch. That's definitely some of the best skin Ive painted in awhile.

 Then there's my Vulkan. This is the sole picture I have of him right now but for one of my pre-airbrush works in this group, I'm not as displeased with him as I am others.

 Then there are my Hussars, two squads color coded by khaki's: One gray, one purple. Because.
These are airbrushed, the armor and most of the base sand anyway, as I was adhering to a loose winter theme. Again, not displeased. You'll see a few of these were where I really started getting radical in terms of pose amendment, many of which I quite like.

 Next you have my Etoiles Mortants. I got a little conversion happy here, one of which even carrying two pistols, one was hastily green stuff cast because they insisted on not including any real spares. Each paint job here came out reasonably different, and that wasn't intended until I got further in to painting them. The bleach white armored tall one was the first, and despite not being airbrushed on any part I still think she's the best.

 I took a short hiatus and came back to conclude with my last two heroes, Angelika Drachen and Valerie Duval. I think MAYBE with the exception of Max, these two are where my painting skills relatively peaked, and rightly so on account of this model being the sole one here that was an ALL, DAY, JOB. Anyway, take a look at all the medals on her chest I actually painted.

 And here comes Valerie herself. This was the first model i somewhat successfully painted eyes on, and shit is this a TOUGH SCALE to do it. Well, there were some OTHER factors..

Note to self: No more Krylon Primer.

I'll catch you guys next I do, swing on over to the youtube for some more videos about warzone and 
wargaming in general, incoming. 

Reaver Out.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Chronicles: Bait and Switch!

The following information was retrieved from a classified document, transmitted by an undercover agent to the top-ranking commanders of the Capitol War Machine. The content disseminated herein is considered confidential.

I regret to inform you that my mission has been compromised.

Shortly after my last transmission, I was confronted in my chambers by a suspicious Technomancer, who did not believe that my conversion to the dark side was complete. Sensing the futility in demonstrating anything to this single - and rather dull-minded officer, I requested an audience with Alakhai the Cunning, to let my fate rest in his gnarled hands. As they say, you can only bluff an intelligent opponent…

The audience, which was in essence a trial, went well. Alakhai bought the story about my discontent with the field commanders of the Capitol megacorporation who led my two sons on a suicide expedition against an overwhelming Cybertronic force, and he also bought the story of my feelings of helplessness and depression when my wife was arrested for murdering the general who gave the go ahead on the doomed attack. How could he not believe these tales, true as they were? Failing to mention the source of my hope, that the completion of this dangerous undercover operation will lead to the freedom of my wife, I was able to convince Alakhai that the Capitol megacorporation was dead to me, and that nothing would please me more than watching it crumble beneath the might of the Dark Legion.

Always the opportunist, unfortunately, Alakhai also decided that my intimate knowledge of Capitol tactics could be useful in the ongoing military campaign. Apparently, an elite squad of Capitol Rangers have rolled off a series of impressive victories against the forces of Algeroth, and the embarrassment of these defeats had made its way up the Dark Legion chain of command and landed at Alakhai's feet, transforming itself into a problem he was starting to take personally. With my assistance, the Supreme Commander of Algeroth's forces was looking to put together a little surprise for our squad of, as he called them, "ranger friends."

The next three hours were a nightmare beyond comprehension. I was led, by Alakhai, to a dark interrogation chamber, and there forced to consume a foul brew that would weaken the defenses of my mind, enabling the insidious necro-interrogation of the Supreme Necromagus of the citadel.

Instead of resisting the assault, I was able to focus the contents of my mind on the helpless rage I felt upon the arrest of my wife, thereby cloaking the remainder of my consciousness in shadow. Under such a guise, I made it through the interrogation by answering in the most straightforward and honest manner possible, following our pre-arranged plan for such a circumstance. Any truth could be told, with the intent of later turning it into a lie.

Not surprising, much of the interview focused on the training, practices, and tactics of the Capitol Rangers. It is no secret that the Rangers are all excellent marksmen, spending years perfecting their skills, and that they are arguably, as a regiment, the most accurate shooters in the solar system. It is also no secret that they train for cohesion and synergy, and that much of their success on the battlefield lies in their ability to work together with one another in a way that makes the entire Ranger squad more powerful than the sum of its parts. This is all known, and parting with the knowledge betrayed nothing that could compromise the Capitol Rangers on the field of battle.

The interrogation became serious, however, when it turned to the topic of Ranger tactics. Apparently a certain maneuver, one that is known within the Capitol ranks as the "Bait and Switch," has been crossing up the Algeroth commanders, wasting their army's energy chasing the "bait," and leaving their forces vulnerable to devastating counter-attacks. I was compelled to lay out all the details of this advanced maneuver to Alakhai and his Supreme Necromagus, and I fear that they will now be ready for the tactic on the battlefield.

This was all foreseen. My semi-feigned hatred for the Capitol Commanders, combined with my willingness to debrief the Algeroth commander on the Bait and Switch maneuver that was annihilating his forces (and coach him on counterstrategies that could be employed to defeat the maneuver), has left me in a new position of trust and honor within the inner circle of Alakhai. The espionage carries on.

In the meantime, it is essential that all Capitol units are made aware of the fact that Algeroth's forces are now tuned in to the reality of the Bait and Switch maneuver, and will probably be prepared to meet it with tactics of their own. With this knowledge, we can maintain the upper hand and stay one step ahead, by baiting our enemy with the Bait and Switch, allow them to think that that maneuver is our intent, and then catching them off guard with another tactic… perhaps we should make more use of the command that all of our maverick rangers love to hear: Fire at Will.

Thus, the truth becomes a lie.

Signing off, I must attend to the summons of my new master, Alakhai the Cunning. I hope this report reaches you, and our Elite Ranger units, in a timely matter. I feel that one day my extraction from this hell may rely upon their continued well being. Until then, I remain your faithful informer, Agent Rose.

Monday, June 23, 2014

WZ: Battle for Heimburg!

The Southern Coalition of Imperial and Bauhaus forces are assaulted at the city of Heimburg by the Brotherhood. The city is besieged on all sides, but the Southern Coalition of Mars hold their ground. Will it be enough? Find out in this Warzone Batrep!

This Batrep, by ReaverHobbies

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Chronicles: Vital Signs! Alakhai the Cunning!

The following information was retrieved from a classified document, transmitted by an undercover agent to the top-ranking commanders of the Capitol War Machine. The content disseminated herein is considered confidential.

A number of my reports have detailed significant threats to the security of the Capitol Megacorporation. Imperial mercenaries freelancing as pirates, packs of untrained Venusian Raptors, and even a secret order of Brotherhood Assassins… it matters not the target, as they have all been followed, scrutinized, analyzed, and ultimately laid bare before your eyes in the pages of a military brief. All of these prior "threatening" reports, assembled by yours truly, pale in comparison to the nightmare the men and women of the Capitol Megacorporation now face.

Six months ago, I underwent an advanced process that donned me in the guise of a Cursed Legionnaire and infiltrated the first Dark Citadel on Venus, to gather insight and data on the ways and capabilities of mankind's greatest enemy. The remainder of this report focuses primarily on the behaviors and strengths (alas, there are no weaknesses that I could detect) of the Nepharite Overlord himself, Alakhai the Cunning. Future reports regarding the minions, henchman, and slaves of Alakhai will follow, but this first report is, by far, the most vital. It is and always has been my belief that the first step towards understanding (or defeating) a body is to understand (or defeat) its head. In addition, the six-month story of my infiltration bears many secrets and insights into the origin and scope of the Dark Legion, but due to the precariousness of my situation, that is also a tale that must be told elsewhere. For now, it is of the utmost import that the leaders of the Capitol Megacorporation receive and understand the details laid out in this document, lest they be at a loss when Alakhai turns his attention their way.

Alakhai stands well over seven feet in height, and there is not an ounce of fat on his heavily muscled frame. He possesses an unnatural level of vigor and fortitude that would put all but the most hardened specimen of human conditioning to shame. This is represented in the attached briefing file by the Health value of 3.

As the Supreme General and Nepharite Overlord of Venus, Alakhai is more than worthy of the rank status of Gold, making him a primary target on the battlefield, but also a significant threat to the survival of our military units.

Alakhai's armor, forged from petrified human souls, is etched in runes that tell the tale of his rise to power. This supernatural armor, combined with the natural toughness of his hide and his incredible, battle-hardened conditioning, make the Overlord of Venus extremely difficult to damage in combat. I have placed him at an armor value of 1, which is not quite as impervious as the heavy battlesuits of the Bauhaus Megacorporation (which are essentially suits of armor protecting more armor), but still enough to preserve Alakhai through anything but a powerful, focused, aggressive approach on the battlefield.

Alakhai fights with a tremendous battlesword that is nearly as long as he is tall, and this dark, demonic sword has come to be known by the name of "Meat Wolfer." His double yellow (heavy melee) attack potential represents the tremendous amount of devastation Alakhai can unleash with this sword, but the worst feature of his attack is his ability to channel the dark arts and lash out with the sword at enemies that are apparently beyond its reach. This is represented by his single green (light ranged) attack potential, and the end result is that no enemy is ever completely safe from the wrath of Alakhai's blade.

Alakhai's physical gifts, his armor, and his mastery of the sword are all daunting in and of themselves; unfortunately, they are only the beginning of the problem that Alakhai presents to the Capitol war machine. You see, he is called "Alakhai the Cunning" for a reason, and as terrible as his physical skills and vital statistics may seem, it is his mind that most worries me when I contemplate the inevitable day when we face him in battle.

As a Supreme General of the Dark Apostle of War, there is no Algeroth tactic or strategy that is beyond Alakhai's ability to employ on the battlefield. This is represented by the 3 levels of Algeroth command icons on his briefing file. Some of Alakhai's favorite tricks are a rapid charge with Beastial Speed, an area of effect attack with a Flow of Acid, and when things seem to be turning against him, a journey to the spirit realm with The Devouring Darkness. But these are only some of his tricks, and Alakhai is cunning enough to use any tactic at any time.

In addition to his own martial capabilities, Alakhai also has an uncanny ability to anticipate and defeat enemy tactics and maneuvers before that enemy has even started the move. I have come to think of this ability as a "Chaos Force," and it is an X factor that frequently swings the tides of war in Alakhai's favor.

I must be off, I can hear the heavy steps, metal and claw on stone, as my new master, Alakhai the Cunning, approaches, and I would not last long if he would find me with such a report on my screen. Signing out, I remain your faithful informer, Agent Rose.