Friday, July 4, 2014

Reaver's Retreat: My Return, Painted Models and More!

...My people. Sons and daughters of Helghan...

New Cartel logo. Love it? good.

...That's not the one I use here. Anyway, I am resurfacing as of now and, with this tiding comes a slew of my latest work that also happens to be my largely finally finished wave 1 Kickstarter Pledge Bauhaus force. I don't just say "Bauhaus" on purpose because half these models can't be bought anymore, and with good reason as you'll see given the posing disaster some of them were. Fortunately this isn't my first rodeo so I coped pretty well in my opinion, but Ill let you judge both that and my abysmal painting.

First up was my Punisher-themed Max Steiner. He was the first model I got my hands on and quite simply he had to get done. I generally like how he came out after some cleanup and revision, might even say he's the best of the bunch. That's definitely some of the best skin Ive painted in awhile.

 Then there's my Vulkan. This is the sole picture I have of him right now but for one of my pre-airbrush works in this group, I'm not as displeased with him as I am others.

 Then there are my Hussars, two squads color coded by khaki's: One gray, one purple. Because.
These are airbrushed, the armor and most of the base sand anyway, as I was adhering to a loose winter theme. Again, not displeased. You'll see a few of these were where I really started getting radical in terms of pose amendment, many of which I quite like.

 Next you have my Etoiles Mortants. I got a little conversion happy here, one of which even carrying two pistols, one was hastily green stuff cast because they insisted on not including any real spares. Each paint job here came out reasonably different, and that wasn't intended until I got further in to painting them. The bleach white armored tall one was the first, and despite not being airbrushed on any part I still think she's the best.

 I took a short hiatus and came back to conclude with my last two heroes, Angelika Drachen and Valerie Duval. I think MAYBE with the exception of Max, these two are where my painting skills relatively peaked, and rightly so on account of this model being the sole one here that was an ALL, DAY, JOB. Anyway, take a look at all the medals on her chest I actually painted.

 And here comes Valerie herself. This was the first model i somewhat successfully painted eyes on, and shit is this a TOUGH SCALE to do it. Well, there were some OTHER factors..

Note to self: No more Krylon Primer.

I'll catch you guys next I do, swing on over to the youtube for some more videos about warzone and 
wargaming in general, incoming. 

Reaver Out.


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