The Second Corporate Wars

It was inevitable that the rise of a new megacorporate power would disrupt the harmony that our Brotherhood had laboured so long to create. New alliances were formed. The balance of power shifted as Cybertronic sourced components and weapons found their way to market.

On Mercury, skirmishes began between Imperial and Mishima over the possession of Fukido. On Venus, the corporations drifted into all out war again over possession of the Graveton Archipelago. On South Mars, all the corporations once more battled for the possession of the fertile lands. Everywhere, brushfire conflicts erupted. Before anyone could stop it, the corporations had returned to the old pattern of strife and conflict. The Age of Faith was over. The Second Coprorate War had begun.

In this new age, there was no peace. There was only brief respites from the conflict while both sides rearmed. There were momentary alliances when two powers ganged up on a third as they sought brief advantage. Shortly afterwards, these alliances would crumble as the former partners squabbled over the spoils. This was an age of total war where the corporations once more geared themselves to fight in an endless struggle.

It was a time where most of humanity kept its head down and hoped to be left alone. Those employed by the corporations believed that their masters were indisputably right. The rest of humanity simply prayed that the bombs did not fall on them. Here and there freelancers struggled to eke out a living on the shadow of the corporate behemoths. Only the Cartel and the Brotherhood stood above the struggle and tried to maintain the peace.

Once more, ships ventured out beyond Jupiter. They encountered no resistance. A few even ventured as far as Nero. None returned. It was a warning no one heeded. The corporate wars continued. The violence escalated to new and terrifying levels. Cities were bombed flat. Fortifications spread like cancers across the surface of the planet.

Then, and only then, came an event that gave merchants pause. In the deserts of Mars, a new citadel was found. Like the first symptom of some terrible disease, it had appeared when the war was most intense. Capitol immediately sent jet fighters to assault it. These were shot down by Imperial. No one knows why.

Hastily, emissaries were sent to the Cardinal. The Doomtrooper force was reinstated and secretly sent in to investigate the citadel. The surviving Doomtroopers returned with the knowledge that it was inhabited. The corporate elites shuddered. What they had long believed to be a mere legend really existed. The Dark Legion had returned.

The corporations waited in fear. More citadels appeared in remote regions, seemingly springing up overnight. Troops moved against them. War began in earnest. The Dark Legion returned in force, in numbers that had not been seen since the Venusian Crusades. Their ships darkened the sky. Now humanity faces their terrible threat once more. There seems no end to human folly. In the background, the corporate wars rumble on, as each megacorporation tries to use the arrival of the darkness to its own advantage.

Yet there are a few signs of hope. The legendary Doomtroopers stride the battlefield once more. The Cardinal's power grows as the threat of the darkness increases. Under the banner of the Cartel, the corporations have put aside their differences long enough to win a few victories over the Legion.

This is an age where the fate of humanity hangs precariously in the balance. Where the threat of the darkness may force humanity to unite once more. if it does not, we will surely be swept away. Brothers, we can only pray that this does not happen again. We must stand together now, or die.

This is an age of heroes. This is the age of Warzone.