Thursday, June 19, 2014

MC CMG: No Turning Back!


Mitch Hunter got word that Max Steiner and several of his Bauhaus forces had begun advancing on his position. Trying to get to Steiner before he could be overrun, Mitch gathered a team of his best troops and launched an assault on Steiner.

"We're not going to let them beat us!" shouted Hunter to his troops. "Steiner's forces may have some of the best firepower in the solar system, but we have what it takes to beat them. Nothing can beat us!"

As Mitch took his troops toward the position of Steiner and his forces, he was determined to force Bauhaus to fall back in retreat. He had no plans on letting down the Megacorporation he fought so hard to defend. This battle would prove who is superior, and Steiner wasn't going to stand in his way.

About the Battle Report

Welcome, readers! in this batrep, we're shooting for a bit more than just the standard batreps we've presented in the past. I am aiming to focus heavily on the action in the game, also focusing on the units and what they do during the game.

We're also using the new Prodos Games miniatures to represent our forces. I'll be sharing an article on this project at a later time!

Me and my wife are playing the game, I am taking Bauhaus while she takes Capitol. We had thought long about the heroes we'd be choosing. For me, though, it was simple: firepower equals Steiner. Roselyn chose between Big Bob Watts and Mitch Hunter. Hunter's ability to remove tokens won her over, even though Watts' ability to totally rip things apart with his special ability sounded good.

This battle sees two very formidable 5/5/5 forces. Below, are the forces, in detail:

Forces of Capitol

GOLD: Mitch Hunter, Ranger Commander, Martian Banshee Hero, 2 Gold Order Tokens

SILVER: KA-67 Great Grey Fighter, Freedom Brigadier Sergeant, Radio Target Coordinates Command Card, 2 Silver Order Tokens

BRONZE: 2 Fire at Will Command Cards, Lethal Coordination Command Card, Decoy Command Card, 1 Bronze Order Token

Forces of Bauhaus

GOLD: Max Steiner, Venusian Ranger Kaptain, Ministry of War Command Card, 2 Gold Order Tokens

SILVER: Vulkan Battlesuit, Venusian Ranger Sergeant, Dragoon Kaptain, Speed Reload Command Card, 1 Silver Order Token

BRONZE: 2 Heavy Artillery Command Cards, 3 Bronze Order Tokens

The Battle Begins!

As the game begins, we rolled 3 green dice to determine deployment, and again to determine who the first player in the game would be. She won the first roll, deploying her forces, followed by me. I won the second roll, taking the first turn and moving my forces in for the kill.

Turn 1: the Forces Begin to Move!

The first turn was a quick one. Both forces chose to move out and size each other up. Steiner stayed low while the Vulkan and Rangers made themselves known to the Capitol forces.

The Dragoon Kaptain was a huge priority for me. I wanted it out in the open and shooting at the enemy as fast as possible. As Roselyn moved her Banshee and Brigadier Sergeant forward, I saw the perfect opportunity to lay waste to these forces. Even though the Dragoon rolls only two dice, he is allowed a reroll, making it possible to deal up to 3 hits in total.

Turn 2: the Bullets Begin to Fly!

When the second turn rolled around, the action began and just as in any game of Mutant Chronicles, the skirmish is real quick and real swift. While turn two really determined the events to come, it also displayed the true skill and firepower of the units in both factions.

The Dragoon Kaptain, having seen that both Capitol units moved within reach, it moved forward and opened up on the Ranger Commander. When both dice were rolled, the blue came up blank, however it was rerolled due to the Dragoon's ability, giving it the option to reroll a single attack die. It was then a result of 1 damage and an accuracy value of 4, making the shot, a hit.

Having seen that Mitch moved up by the side of the Great Grey, I had the Ranger Kaptain move forward and attack the vehicle; the Ranger Kaptain has an ability called Burst Fire, which forces the damage to be taken by the target, to be taken as well by units adjacent to the original target, as long as the Kaptain attacks alone. Since the attack dealt 2 damage, Mitch, being adjacent to the Great Grey, also took 2 damage, dropping his health down to 2 from 4.

Roselyn then has Mitch move up and try to take out the Ranger Kaptain. Her first order, was to use Hunter's ability, Support Recon, which costs an action, but allow Hunter to remove a token from a unit within LOS, so he then removes a single point of damage from himself, bringing him back up to 3 total health. He then shoot at the Ranger Kaptain, scoring 2 hits, not enough to kill him, until Roselyn chooses to play Radio Target Coordinates, which allows 3 green dice to be added to the attack, after the original attack's dice are rolled. One more hit is scored, adding insult to injury and killing the Ranger Kaptain.

Having taken out the Kaptain, I chose to strike against Hunter in retaliation with the Ranger Sergeant. Mitch had moved after the attack via the Martain Banshee's ability called Coordinated Rush, allowing it to move up to 2 units within its LOS. With Mitch close, the Sergeant moved in and attacked. Using the Heavy Artillery command card, I rolled an additional 2 blue dice and in total scored only 2 points of damage against Mitch. With Mitch at only 1 point of health remaining, I decided to finish the job.

I played the Speed Reload command card, allowing the Ranger Sergeant to make another attack, again at Mitch. Rolling an accuracy of 8, which more than hit Mitch and 2 hits, Mitch was out, since having only 1 health remaining. Already, Capitol was down to only 2 units remaining.

I had noticed that the Vulkan, while slowed down by having moved it into covering/hindering terrain, the effectiveness of the command cards and the Rangers really made a difference. Mitch was able to use his ability once, showing just why he is important in any force. He is also able to remove guard orders from enemy units, killing their chances at surprise as well as taking an opposing player's unused order token and placing it in the used order pile, wasting an order.With the second turn over, the final turn was about to begin.

Turn 3: the Carnage Ends!

With me having the first turn, I chose to try and end it. The battle had already favored Bauhaus, considering I had only one casualty.

The final act of the game came with the Dragoon Kaptain moving forward and getting face-to-face with the Martian Banshee Hero. While the Banshee was in cover, the Dragoon's passive ability, Sniper, ignores cover, making it a very powerful unit at just a silver rank. He unloaded his weapon, striking a total of 3 hits against the Banshee, killing him outright. The Banshee's passive ability, Dodge 1, means the attack made is considered to be an extra hex away, which didn't matter, considering the accuracy rolled, was 3, totally within range.

With only the Brigadier Sergeant left, Roselyn decided the battle was lost, and chose to call the match.

The Battle Comes to an End!

With the battle over, Roselyn and Capitol had suffered defeat. Bauhaus, relying on the use of command cards and heavy hitting units, won the match. Capitol was no joke, however. Mitch has a superb ability and the Banshee Hero is able to move units as needed during his own turn. The Brigadier Sergeant is even capable of rolling 4 green dice, also having the Burst Fire passive ability. Roselyn admitted that her choice was to play very gung-ho and attack up front, rather than relying on their ranged firepower and staying slightly behind, away from Bauhaus' close-ranged weaponry.


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