Thursday, June 5, 2014

News: Updates on the Horizon!

Greetings, fellow Chroniclers! What looms on the horizon? LOTS. While I have been dealing with very personal issues as well as the rising popularity of my indie gaming company, CPOP, I have spent little time tending to this amazing blog; that changes now. The popularity of this blog has also impressed, inspired and surprised me. I owe a great deal of thanks to a large number of you who continue to come back to this site in the hopes of some updates. Those of you who follow as well, my thanks.

I am currently ramping up the finishing touches on the "chronicles" section; you'll soon find it complete and detailing the world of Mutant Chronicles. What else; more batreps! Because the world of Mutant Chronicles is so expansive, I have been allowed the chance to show you all and cover the different areas this amazing universe has encompassed. Everything from the Doom Trooper card game to the current incarnation of the Warzone miniatures game.

Rest assured, I have not chosen to leave this blog for the dust. Neuicon's Chronicles has been a complete labor of love and has been a very fun, exciting and amazing project, undertaken by myself, my wife and friend Matt. We've worked hard and will continue to work hard, to provide you with great content, as well as coming articles, tips, guides, videos and so much more. You will also begin to see more Mutant Chronicles CMG coverage, as well as tactica for the game, including guides and overviews of the factions in the game.

Thank you all for continuing back to the Chronicles. You can look forward to more great content on the horizon. With the WZR miniatures game going full retail, you can rest assured loads of content coming and coverage of the game.

Most Excellent Regards! - Neuicon


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