Friday, November 22, 2013

MC CMG: Meeting on Mars!

Bauhaus encounters Mishima on the desert of Mars. Max Steiner, leading his band against the forces of Mishima decides that he wants to utterly wipe them out before Capitol make an appearance. Mishima bring forth a Meka MK. II, ready to tear apart Steiner and his forces, but Bauhaus brings along a Vulkan Battlesuit, armed for ranged warfare and melee destruction.

This is the Mutant Chronicles CMG, by Fantasy Flight Games. We're using miniatures from the new Prodos game, Warzone Resurrection. Since the start, I have always wanted to use smaller miniatures, rather than the 54mm miniatures by FFG and I must say, I was impressed. The game remains highly fascinating and a ton of fun; we played the game using armies of 5/5/5 (gold, silver and bronze).

Mishima was never released for the FFG game, however, the unit and command cards were made available by a fan at the Mutant Chronicles Fansite. Also available on that site, are Imperial and Cybertronic. Please check out the site and enjoy the free downloads and hard work thrown in to making this available.


  1. Can you make a batrep where you show the game turns. I want to see you use the cards, do the game's math, and basically play the full turn out. It gives a truer sense of how to play the game.

    1. Consider it done. Will work on a full live batrep in the work to come. Cheers for the comment and support!