Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MC CMG: Bau Down! / Bauhaus Strategy Guide

"I've never seen something take such a beating! That machine should have been unrecognizable, but it refused to go down. The Battlesuit lit up from a blast of a Technomancer's Flamethrower. The flame ceased and silence irradiated the air. I didn't know if the Battlesuit survived the inferno, but in the smoke I heard a whirring. It sounded like something coming to life. The eyes of the Technomancer confirmed my guesses about the noise. Bullets came screaming out of the smoke as the charred frame of the Battlesuit came lurking forward. The poor Algeroth minion didn't stand a chance, blooming like a terrible flower. With its paint flaking off, the machine simply kept striding towards the explosions. Amazing." - Free Marine Soldier witnessing a Vulkan Battlesuit in combat

Honor. Quality. Tradition. These are the three things that the Bauhaus megacorporation pride themselves in, and for a very good reason. This culture produces quality engineering that is unprecedented in comparison to the other factions that deem themselves superior. With the Dark Legion assault, the Bauhaus megacorporation is standing strong and resilient against this horde of demons. Though they come to the frontlines of this epic battle branded with their infamous Cog, a symbol of their mettle, they are by no means impervious to Algeroth attacks. So what will you need to do to make sure your Bauhaus troops walk away from the battle unscathed… or, at worst severely damaged, but still alive?

Steel > Flesh

Bauhaus is a faction that, as I said before, prides itself on quality engineering. To represent this in the game, certain units are equipped with high-quality Bauhaus armor, keeping them safe from harm. Fielding more units with armor will keep your troops alive longer. Besides the Dragoon soldier, all the Bauhaus soldiers with Armor have a health of 3. This means that if you keep these units in cover, for that round your unit will have a greatly increased max health (terrain absorbing 1 damage and armor absorbing even more).

Also, remember to use the armor to your advantage. Think of these soldiers as mobile terrain shields. The Vulkan Battlesuit is a prime example of such a tactic. Protected by Armor 2, keeping your units behind this behemoth will make your enemies sweat as they watch this mech lumber towards them. Imagine marching two of the Vulkan Battlesuits side by side while groupings of your soldiers advance without worry into enemy territory. Devastating.

Up Close, from Afar

Each faction's fighting is tailored to a specific style of destruction. For Bauhaus, it's all about raising hell from a distance. Firing heavy ranged dice, Bauhaus fighters are experts with their ranged arsenal. Of all the weapons fired, Bauhaus soldiers in total fire 14 blue (heavy ranged) dice, compared to 10 green (light ranged) dice. As their range doesn't permit them to hit at a great distance, they make up for it with their potency of shots carried out at medium range.

On top of blasting their enemies at medium ranges, Bauhaus soldiers are proficient with their aiming skills. Only fighters with the signature Bauhaus weapons are capable of carrying out this kind of deadly precision. All the fighters that have the re-roll capability roll at least one blue die, going to show how deadly and precise the Bauhausian weaponry really is.

Singles Only

Though Bauhaus soldiers are clearly proud of their own ingenuity, their pride isn't necessarily seen in terms of their size. Of the 13 Bauhaus models, 11 of them are single-base models, leaving the remaining two Battlesuits the job of visual boasting when it comes to size. Though you will be lacking in the ocular intimidation factor, mobilizing your single-base forces around the map will surely make your opponent sweat.

Since most of the Bauhaus troops are single-base models, you must remember to take advantage of your mobility. Having these single-base models, you won't have to worry about getting clunky large models through tight areas on the map, or having the model become snagged on wreckage leaving it vulnerable to open fire. Using the small size of Bauhaus soldiers to your advantage can give way for maneuvering never seen before. The single-base can allow for nestling your soldiers in as much cover as you desire while not leaving parts exposed. Not only will moving in covering terrain keep your soldiers in good health, but it will also take away from your enemy available areas in which to hunker down.

From the Top

Of course deciding how to build your army from the get-go is a crucial aspect of Mutant Chronicles, it's especially important when you're playing with Bauhaus. If you look at the Bauhaus Command cards, you can break your choices into 2 separate categories: offensive and defensive. The Command cards separate into these categories evenly with 4 being offensive cards and the other 4 defensive. Deciding before battle whether your strategy is going to be offensive or defensive will affect your choice of Command cards immensely.

An example of an offensive card would be Heavy Artillery which allows you to roll an additional 2 blue (heavy ranged) dice before an attack. This card is perfect if you plan on putting the nail in the coffin against your enemy. A defensive Bauhaus card would be Noble Reflexes. This card gives the chosen unit of an attack Dodge 4. Having this card could save you a white-knuckle experience of questioning the lifespan of your begotten soldier.

Another thing to keep in mind when deciding to use offensive or defensive Command cards is the defensive options have more single command-icon cards. This will allow more units to gain access to these cards and will give your units more opportunities on the battlefield to exercise these commands.

Final Thoughts

The Bauhaus citizens are brave, strong, and legendary to say the least. Playing this industrious faction, you will get a flavor for the faction's heritage and how they perform on the battlefield. There are numerous tactics to remember when playing Bauhaus, but these are 4 primary tacks you should keep in mind when going in, all guns blazing. Whether you're planning on destroying your units with the awesome power of the Bauhaus ranged arsenal, or simply charging into battle relying on their notorious armor, you'll never run out of options when it comes to destroying your opponent. The Bauhaus citizens are a strong people and with the right commander, they can rise to the top of the Mutant Chronicles universe.


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