Sunday, December 1, 2013

WZR: Nozaki Strikes!

Nozaki. Steiner. Bauhaus. Mishima. The Warzones of Mars are about to get a dose of brutal combat.

In this battle report, a game of 600 points is played, containing Nozaki and Steiner as Warlords in a Priority Mission: Kill 'em All with the battlelines drawn. Who will claim victory? Watch and find out!


  1. Pretty good game! I am new to it too, so I don't have any critisism about what happened... but! Post up a link to this report on the warzone forum!

    1. Haha, many thanks, Ryan! Yeah, just had a game earlier tonight again, and Steiner got whooped again, haha!

    2. Oh, which forum are you referring to, Ryan? I posted this in the WZR fb forum group!